ees hedger.ex4
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Program Language MT4

This robot only works in conjuction with any other robot or your own manual trades.

Example you are trading SAR EA on GBPUSD and SAR EA uses magicnumber of 1234, 
so you want to use EES Hedger in conjunction with SAR EA in this example, so this is what you do.
Open another GBPUSD chart(same pair SAR EA is trading), does not matter what time frame, but it is 
ideal that you use the same timeframe as what the SAR EA is trading from, or a lower timeframe. Now 
on Advocates external var: Original_EA_Magic enter SAR EA's magicnumber which is in this example 1234. 
Now make sure that Advocate_EA_Magic is different from Original_EA_Magic.
Then that's it. Once SAR EA opens a trade, EES Hedger will open the opposite order.
Now if you want to use EES Hedger for Manual trades. Simply input Original_EA_Magic = 0;

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Submission Date Sep 6, 2015 (Edited Sep 17, 2020)

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